Barbra and Melissa

“I used to really want Henry Cavill.  I think he’s so hot. 
But I met him and he was so awkward.”
Tiffany Haddish explains why she wouldn’t sleep with Cavill.  That’s the beauty of
being a gay man – we don’t care about stuff like that!

Some people should stay away from technology.  Like Barbra Streisand.  She was at sitting home, eating some cake, probably with a judicious dollop of coffee ice cream on top.  She’s scrolling through Instagram on some tablet or perhaps her Jitterbug.  She comes upon a photo of Melissa McCarthy and Adam Shankman.  Her first thought might have been, “I should fix him up with my son!”  So she makes a public comment: “Give him my regards did you take Ozempic?”  I am absolutely certain Babs truly thought, “I wanna give that big girl a compliment because she looks good.”  Others think that maybe Streisand thought she was sending a private message.  Both scenarios could be true.  But many are outraged she’d make such a comment.  To those people, I ask a simple question: did you ever watch Golden Girls?  Women of a certain age often speak without a filter.  McCarthy took the high road and released a video showing her reading a Streisand fan magazine.  She puts it down and says, “The takeaway?  Barbra Streisand knows I exist.  She reached out to me, and she thought I looked good.  I win the day!”  Classy.


Then there’s Roger Bart.  The talented thespian was recently got a Tony nomination for his role as Doc in the musical Back to the Future.  Someone named Michelle Tweeted, “No offense to him, but how in the world did Roger Bart get a Tony nomination for Back to the Future?”  Bart responded, “Hey Michelle.  No offense to you.  But that may be one of the single rudests texts I’ve ever read.  GFY.”  For those of you don’t know, GFY is a polite way of saying “go fuck yourself”.  Not every response has to be classy.  Sometimes catty works.


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