Criss is gay…kinda

Some people speak without thinking.  Take Darren Criss.  At the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, he was asked how he felt about playing gay on Glee.  “Fucking awesome.  It was a narrative that I really cared deeply about.  I have been so culturally queer my whole life.  Not because I’m trying, you know, actually, I was gonna say, not because I’m trying to be cool.  But I’m gonna erase that because I am trying to be cool.  The things in my life that I have tried to emulate, learn from, and be inspired by are 100 percent queer as fuck.  It was in the queer communities that I’ve found people that I idolize, that I want to learn something from.  And I’d say that’s a gross generalization, that’s a lot of things and a lot of people.  But I grew up in San Francisco in the ‘90s.  I watched men die.  There was an awareness of the gay experience that was not a foreign concept to me.  So it was a narrative that I cared deeply about.”  I’m not sure what he’s rambling on about, but I still don’t think he’s ever sucked a dick.


I don’t think Daniel Radcliffe has sucked a dick, either.  But he doesn’t seem to be a dick.  When asked to comment on JK Rowling’s somewhat anti-trans comments, he answered thoughtfully.  “It makes me really sad, ultimately, because I do look at the person that I met, the times that we met, and the books that she wrote, and the world that she created, and all of that is to me so deeply empathic.  I’d worked with The Trevor Project for 12 years and it would have seemed like, I don’t know, immense cowardice to me to not say something.  I wanted to try and help people that have been negatively affected by the comments.  And to say that if those are Jo’s views, then they are not the views of everybody associated with the Potter franchise.”

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