Fayewatch 2024

Meanwhile, the famed Cannes Film Festival is about to start.  One of the more interesting films is a documentary about Faye Dunaway called (not surprisingly), Faye.  It is also produced (not surprisingly) by Faye Dunaway – which I suspect means you won’t learn much about Miss Dunaway.  You’ll recall the last time someone attempted to do a televised biography about her, he was the recipient of numerous lengthy phone messages – all of which you can hear on BillyMasters.com.  I’m sure this project (which will air on HBO Max later this year) will have lots about her two films with Johnny Depp and the wonderful Marlon Brando.  And being in Cannes is always a good career move.  Shortly after she landed, it was announced she was cast in Jonathan Baker’s supernatural love story called Fate, which will costar Andrew McCarthy and Harvey Keitel.  And she was even very slyly spoofed on SNL this week, as you can also see on our website.

Elsewhere in Cannes, a deal was made for a film about an older gay couple.  Out Late is about a romance between a blue-collar widower and a retired dancer, played by Ron Perlman and Rupert Everett, respectively.  The producer says, “Romcoms are back in force.  What a gift to have Rupert Everett returning to that genre after the classic My Best Friend’s Wedding.”  To me, it sounds more like Grumpy Old Queens.

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