Stan in Cannes

“If it’s not gratuitous nudity, I’m down for it.  If it makes sense,
and it’s authentic, and true to the character
and the scene given circumstances, then I’m 100% in.”
Taylor Zakhar Perez shares his thoughts on film nudity.  Perhaps we’ll see more than just his ass in the
Red, White & Royal Blue sequel.  Sure, he’s nude in a group shower scene in HBO’s Minx, but that
mass of pubic hair clearly indicates that it’s a prosthetic.  But it’s still worth seeing on

I can neither confirm nor deny my presence at the Cannes Film Festival.  I can confirm that I am in a city dripping in wealth where the English language is regularly butchered.  But that could mean I’m in Las Vegas.  I can confirm that I am overseas – in Europe, actually.  And I have been embroiled in a number of international affairs.  But enough about my sex life.


One of the hits of Cannes has been The Apprentice – a film about the early days of Donald Trump and his mentor, Roy Cohn.  One would think sexy Sebastian Stan – who recently played rocker Tommy Lee – was miscast.  And yet, Stan eerily embodies the young Trump who, it should be acknowledged, was somewhat of a looker in his youth.  The audience gave the flick an eleven-minute standing ovation – although I can tell you from personal experience that most people at Cannes get up quickly to beat the crowds out.  The former El Presidente is trying to get the film banned in the US – and the producers have been sent a cease and desist letter and threatened with legal action…because Trump has been so lucky in court.  The producers claim it is “fair and balanced” – although one wonders how to confirm The Donald getting liposuction (the alleged rape of wife Ivana was documented in her 1990 divorce deposition).  This may all be a moot point because no distributor has gobbled up the flick, despite producers hoping for a pre-election US release.  Rumor has it the film may turn up on a streaming service.

Speaking of rumors, Cate Blanchett is also at Cannes with a film called Rumours, about seven world leaders facing untold challenges whilst getting lost in the woods.  When asked about the project, Cate said, “It’s not trying to be an important film with a message.”  How refreshing.  She added, “I think if you try to make sense of this movie, you’ll feel like you’re losing your mind.”  I have a pill for that!

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