Happy Pride Month

“Happiest bday my baby…daddy loves you to the moon and back. 
I’ve always asked people to love me unconditionally, thank you for
teaching me what that really means.  Be you!  Your best you! 
You’re the gift and I’m wrapping paper…love love love you for life. 
Excuse my ignorance, chalk it up to growth.  Love you so much,
thank you for making me a man.  So proud.”
Marlon Wayans’ post to his trans son Kai.  He told People magazine, “It took me all of a week,
and in that week I grew the most I ever did in my life.  You understand the purpose of kids
and the beauty of unconditional love.  At the end of the day, in my heart,
the only thing that matters to me is that my child is happy.”  Happy Pride!

Billy is back from his latest European jaunt.  For reasons unknown, these trips never go smoothly.  But here’s a new one.  After we taxied out to the runway, our pilot got word from a plane behind us – we had a flat tire!!  Come on – really??  A swarthy, hairy Eastern European rushed out to our plane lickety-split, jacked us up, changed the tire, and waved us on our way.  Thanks, Olga.  Yes, that bleached-blonde, buff-bod babe is on the Bulgarian Olympic Team.  She excels in the shot put.  I’m not exactly sure where she puts her shot – don’t ask, don’t tell, I always say.  When you’re built like Olga, you probably put it anywhere you’d like!

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