Kylie and Ricky are Proud

“I’m single.  I’m feeling full of pride.  And PrEP.”  
Jonathan Groff welcomes the audience to the Pride of Broadway event. 
You know what they say – better safe than pregnant.

Welcome to another Pride Month.  And what better way to show our solidarity than competing Pride events?  Oh, those wacky folks in Los Angeles.  When I hosted LA Pride (for seven consecutive years, but who’s counting?), we were united – because there’s enough of Billy to go around.  Then West Hollywood booted LA Pride and now has OUTLOUD Music Festival, where the word “Pride” is eschewed.  What can I say?  It was a kinder, gentler, and certainly cheaper time.  Oh, yes – OUTLOUD tickets were several hundred dollars.  When I’m hosting, I have one rule of thumb: you give me all-access, I’ll give you all-access.  Of course, I wasn’t hosting a concert by Kylie Minogue – and compared to her Vegas prices, people in WeHo actually got a bargain.  They also got, from all accounts, a fantastic show.  There were others who performed throughout the weekend.  People like Janelle Monáe and Keke Palmer.  For those who didn’t want to break the bank, the festival kicked off with a free Friday night concert headlined by Adam Lambert and Kesha – who apparently no longer sports a dollar sign in her name. 

Not to be outdone, LA Pride in the Park held a concert a week later, and they had some star power of their own – Ricky Martin!  Also appearing was JoJo Siwa – well, the Lord giveth…  Tickets started at a far more reasonable price, but VIP access was available for those who had a few hundred to spend.  Ricky kept the capacity crowd entertained with a high-energy set which featured his hips on overdrive (and they didn’t seem to be lying).  He even showed a good amount of skin, the color of mocha.  Once everyone dried off, pride went from the park to the street for the annual LA Pride March down Hollywood Boulevard with Grand Marshal George Takei.

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