Mayer And Mendes’ Undies

Last week, John Mayer was on SiriusXM with Andy Cohen and shared a “clickbait story” – meaning it’s so salacious, people will click on it.  He provided the headline: “How Shawn Mendes’ underwear ended up in John Mayer’s hotel room.”  Yes, I’d click on that – but I’d also know it would end up being some innocuous anecdote.  One day, Mayer was in the studio with Mendes.  Shawn asked Mayer, “Hey, man, do you think you could, like, Postmates underwear?  Can I Postmates underwear?  I’m out of underwear.”  Since I’m not of the iAnything persuasion, I had to look up “Postmates”.  Be that as it may, Mayer said he’d be happy to ask his assistant to go shopping for undies.  The assistant came back with a dozen pairs of various size Medium boxer briefs in a bag (not a CK in the bunch).  They finished up in the studio, and Shawn left…sans undies.  So Mayer brought the underwear back to his hotel room.  The end.  What I got out of this story is that nobody wants to be in possession of underwear John Mayer was anywhere near – even underwear still in its package.

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