Covid Conspiracies

If you believe in conspiracy theories, you would have to wonder if Kathy Griffin’s sudden ailment was a plot.  While struggling to claw her way back after the Trump fatwa, Griffin was unlucky enough to be ill with all of the corona symptoms.  First they came and went.  Then they came and stayed – and intensified.  Kathy and husband Randy self-quarantined and consulted with a doctor via phone.  He advised she go to urgent care.  They sent her to the ER at Cedars-Sinai.  Once there, they evaluated her and sent her to the Covid-19 area.  Although the doctor wanted to test her (and Randy) for the coronavirus, it wasn’t possible.  Why?  Because her chest x-ray was clear, although a CT scan showed an infection.  She had two options – get admitted to the hospital, or go home and self-isolate.  She took the latter option.  She went public primarily to show that there are not enough tests.

Could someone please look into how Prince Charles got the coronavirus?  I’m not pointing fingers, but let’s break it down.  Say Prince Charles dies (God forbid).  And then that old woman dies.  What happens?  William becomes King.  And who becomes Queen?  Kate.

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