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Last week, Billy Masters LIVE was all about the British royals.  Between Harry and Meghan and William and Kate, we had lots to talk about with royal expert, Richard Mineards.  And then Prince Philip up and died – not unexpected at age 99.  Mineards was right on the money, and everything he told us would happen did.  Of course, you can watch Billy Masters LIVE, which you can watch on our YouTube channel Billy Masters TV or on


For me – a vociferous Anglophile (although I do sleep with non-Brits) – I found Prince Philip’s funeral a sad event.  Not for Philip, but for poor Queen Elizabeth II.  If there’s anything sadder than watching an old woman with a hump shuffle into a church all alone, it’s seeing said woman sitting by herself in a section of a chapel designed for hundreds!  But all eyes were on William and Harry.  Per the prepared choreography of the day, they were separated during the procession to St. George’s Chapel by their cousin, Peter Phillips (Princess Anne’s son).  To be more accurate, while Pete stood between the brothers, he purposely walked a step behind.  And here’s a fun fact – when Phillips was born, QE2 offered to give him a title as a courtesy since he was her first grandchild.  Both of his parents declined.  Keep that in mind next time you hear grumblings about titles.  While William and Harry were separated walking to the chapel, they walked out together – accompanied by Kate.

By the by, either we gays are more popular than anyone imagined, or we just love the royals.  CNN’s coverage was anchored by Anderson Cooper and Richard QuestABC had Mrs. Muir and James Longman.  The televised event was somewhat contentious in the UK.  Permission for news websites to livestream the funeral was denied.  Buckingham Palace said that in the UK, the only place to watch it online was on the Royal Family’s YouTube channel.  Prior to the funeral, their channel only had 779K subscribers.  It’s now up to 815K.  Talk about clickbait.


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