Bradley Cooper’s Face

Let’s talk about the big news of the week – Bradley Cooper’s face.  It was almost enough to make his old “mentor”, James Lipton weep…if he weren’t dead.  Cooper walked the red carpet at the SAG Awards last week and it caused Ukraine-level chatter.  Here’s what one reporter said: “Showing almost no wrinkles on his beautiful baby-smooth mug, the 47-year-old left everyone wondering what – if anything – has he done to his face?”  Lots of things go into looking good.  I have a friend who sees someone who’s had a good night’s sleep and is well-lit and proclaims they’ve had reconstructive surgery.  Admittedly, Bradley appeared remarkably refreshed (but not anywhere near wrinkle-free – look around the eyes).  But you know what nobody mentioned?  How much wider his face was.  Comparing now-and-then photos are staggering.  And you know what fills in wrinkles best?  Extra weight.  Yes, you heard me – fat is God’s natural filler!  One plastic surgeon said it in a nicer way: “His muscles seem to be a lot more relaxed”.  Oh, my muscles are more relaxed than Sunny von Bulow’s!

One must mention SAG’s new president, the fantastic Fran Drescher.  Talk about someone who looked incredible!  You might think she’s made a pact with the devil, but Franny chalks it up to hard work…and a cadre of professionals.  Drescher dropped a video of a veritable SWAT team making her camera-ready.  And it only took three hours!  If I had professionals working on me that long…well, I’d look like Bradley Cooper.  Only thinner!

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