Kiddie Pageant Celebration

Now that awards season is over, I can get back to my normal life – and part of that normal life is going to theatre.  The Celebration Theatre is one of my favorite places – it brought us Naked Boys Singing, so that’s gotta count for something.  The first show of the season is Born to Win, written by Matthew Wilkas (that’s Mrs. Gus Kenworthy to you) and Mark Setlock and starring Wilkas and Drew Droege.  It’s a spoof on the cutthroat world of kiddie beauty pageants, a subject rife for parody.  The play milks the premise with over-the-top performances, clever staging, and actors playing numerous roles.  Don’t even get me started on how they handle the kiddie aspect without actually having kids (for the most part).  Are there holes in the show?  Absolutely – if you think about it, the entire conceit falls apart, which is unfortunate because these problems could have been solved in the writing.  As to the cast, Drew Droege can do virtually anything.  Here he is utilized exceptionally well and gives a performance worthy of Charles Busch (whose plays he often stars in).  Mr. Wilkas – well, he sure is purty.  And he’s a good actor.  Is parody or farce his strong suit?  Well…he sure is purty.  The play runs through March 31st, and I heartily recommend it.  At 90 minutes and $25 for tickets, what’s not to like?  Grab those tix at

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