Marx/Jonas Connection

I recently watched a documentary about the Marx Brothers – now, stay with me.  I promise to make this relevant.  I was particularly interested in a comment Groucho made well past the brothers’ prime.  He said that at least half of their classic films were made because Chico needed money to cover gambling debts.  And the brothers needed Groucho for them to be successful (and he could use the money to pay alimony to multiple wives).  As it turns out, Harpo was the most stable one with a healthy marriage and personal life.  This anecdote came back to me when I heard about this Jonas Brothers reunion.  Nick is clearly Groucho – the one you need to get a record deal.  And Kevin is probably Harpo.  Does that make Joe Chico?  To really solidify this connection and make it stick, I still have to calculate how many Marx Brothers would have slept with Taylor Swift.


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