RIP Luke Perry

Now we move onto the tragic news about Luke Perry.  52 years old, in good health, massive stroke, medically induced coma, and then dead.  Having just crossed the half-a-century mark, this story hits a bit too close to home.  But here’s something I didn’t know – he had his stroke while waiting to be picked up to go to the memorial service of Young and the Restless actor Kristoff St. John…who also died at 52.  Talk about eerie.  All sorts of lovely stories about Luke have come out.  Ian Ziering reminisced about when he and wife Erin were shooting maternity pictures in their backyard.  Luke showed up with tools and supplies – he decided Ian needed a fenced-in area to keep the imminent arrival safe.  The other story which tugged at my heartstrings was when Perry gave his son’s dinosaur blanket to Jarrod Emick when he had a baby boy.  It came with a card: “Walker – Welcome to the world.  Good to have you aboard.  This blanket belonged to my son when he was your age.  It kept him warm many nights, and all of these dinosaurs are friendly and will protect you.  Mom & Dad – I wish you all the very best.  Now your life has really started.  Best wishes always, Luke.”  I think that pretty much sums up the kinda guy he was.

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