Gruber and Frying Pan

Remember Nick Gruber?  He was the former “model” (he said euphemistically) who was once the paramour of Calvin Klein.  Then he tried to get a reality show with some other “winner” (ditto).  Last week, he found himself in court for – get ready for it – beating up someone with a frying pan.  On September 3, 2018, Nick allegedly hit an unnamed man with a frying pan and refused to allow him to leave an apartment on East 76th Street in NYC which belonged to co-defendant, Brandon Steele.  According to court documents, “The victim was treated at Lenox Hill Hospital for several broken bones to the back, as well as a nearly severed ear and injuries to the orbital bone that could, potentially, affect vision.”  Nick has been charged with second-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment – which you may recall is what Boy George was charged with after he handcuffed that hooker to a bed. 

Why is an incident that happened over six months ago in the news?  Because on March 5, 2019, Gruber allegedly broke into an apartment in the same building and stole a bag of methamphetamines!  However, Nick says he was subletting the apartment – except the super didn’t know him (but, may I say in his defense, been there, done that).  Gruber is out on $5K bail and due back in court on April 4th.  By the way, a photographer from the New York Post wanted to take his picture in court.  Nick’s only concern was, “How does my hair look?”  Priorities.

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