Lambert’s New Beau

I get oodles of Ask Billy question each week.  Although I answer each and every one, sometimes they aren’t fit for print.  And sometimes I simply don’t have an answer.  Those unanswered letters sit in a pile and haunt me, awaiting the perfect reply.  After waiting a month, Gary in Detroit is finally getting his answer: “Who was Adam Lambert’s hot date at the Oscars?  Young, curly hair, cute.  Lots of pics online but no one named him.”

And that’s because nobody had his name…until now.  The boyfriend in question is 24-year-old model/customer service rep Javi Costa Polo from Mallorca, Spain, but currently living here in the States.  When someone asked if they were finally official, Lambert quipped, “Honey, we have been official for months.  IG isn’t the gatekeeper of our truth!”  Since they’ve gone public, we’ve got photos of them – together and separately – on

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