Runaway Neverland Train

The media has poked some holes in allegations presented in Leaving Neverland.  The biggest issue surrounds two of James Safechuck’s claims.  First, he said that the sexual abuse stopped when he was 14 – implying Jackson was only interested in pre-pubescent boys.  He also says that they had sex in a room above the Neverland train station.  But he turned 14 in 1992, and the train station wasn’t built until 1994.  Oops!  Another wrinkle is that Jackson spent most of 1994 living in NYC’s Trump Tower.  Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed pushed back, saying there was no proof when the train station was built – until he was presented with proof.  Reed then Tweeted, “Yeah there seems to be no doubt about the station date.  The date they have wrong is the end of the abuse.”  You mean, the date Safechuck claimed the abuse ended?  Which also would change the whole hypothesis of the doc?  I realize that one discrepancy doesn’t mean the rest didn’t happen, but it does throw everything into question.

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