Wendy’s Hubby’s BoyToy

I was wondering how long we’d have to wait for a gay angle on the Wendy Williams divorce story.  And now, one guy – R&B singer Aveon Falstar – says he was Mr. Wendy Williams’ boy toy.  In an interview (which you can watch on our website), Falstar claims that he had sex with Kevin Hunter on several occasions while signed to Hunter’s management company.  He claims that it started when he was staying at Hunter’s New Jersey townhouse.  He was on the bed asleep and naked.  Hunter came in and without provocation performed oral sex on him.  And apparently this was not an isolated encounter.  According to Aveon, they were naked in a sauna making out and performing oral sex on each other.  And then, according to Aveon, “We did each other in the butt.”  I should mention that Falstar is now married to a woman.  Of course, at the time of the incident, so was Hunter!  By the by, Aveon was also born a hermaphrodite, but we can only handle one story at a time.

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