Buttigieg Sex Scandal


“There’s a whole lot of sins that will keep you out of the Kingdom of God. 
Here’s just a sample: sexually immoral can’t get in; idolaters can’t get in;
adulterers can’t get in.  Men who practice homosexuality, and the term
that Paul uses there, he uses two different terms: one for the active participant,
and the other for the passive.  In the homosexual community,
one is called the bottom; the other is called the top.” 
American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer explains more over the free airwaves than
anyone teaches in Sex Ed.  Who knew the apostle Paul got specific about tops and bottoms?

As you know, I typically don’t get embroiled in the political arena.  But in my capacity as a television pundit (my latest appearance on The Take can be seen if you click here), I’ve been asked for my “take” on the Democratic candidates for president.  I may have predicted Miss Gillibrand would go low, but the story circulating about Pete Buttigieg is so low, it’s ludicrous.  In an inept attempt to smear Mayor Pete, a right-wing operative hired a Michigan college student to say he had been sexually assaulted by Buttigieg.  I hate to say “as if”, but AS IF!  The 21-year-old agreed when he was told the operative would buy him “any house I wanted” – an offer nobody has ever made me!  At the last moment, the kid felt that lying would “cost me the two most important things to me: honesty and integrity.”  See, this is why nobody has ever made this offer to moi!  Even before the fakery was revealed, some Republicans were skeptical.  “Not a fan of Mayor Pete but this whole thing seems shady as hell,” Tweeted Gregory T. Angelo, former head of the Log Cabin Republicans.  Thank God – some sanity!  And, while not germane to the story, might I just add that the 21-year-old in question is not what I’d call a looker – as you’ll see on my website.

Then evangelical Franklin Graham called upon Peter (which is apparently the name he prefers) to “repent”.  I’m sure Buttigieg was just as shocked when he heard Rick Santorum respond saying, “If he’s gonna say that about Pete Buttigieg, then he needs to when Donald Trump’s accusations come up about marital infidelity and other things that is [yes, he said “is”] equally sinful.  He should be equal and vociferous in calling out a similar sin.”  When asked if infidelity is the same kind of sin as homosexuality, Santorum said, “Well, that’s what the Christian religion teaches.  Both are violations of the traditional and sacred bonds of marriage, that outside of marriage is sinful behavior, yes.”

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