Smollett’s Night Terrors

I’ve avoided it as long as I could – back to Jussie Smollett.  Do you want me to start with the good news or the bad news?  OK, the good news is that Jussie will no longer have to commute back and forth to Chicago – a city he’s not particularly welcomed in.  While FOX renewed Empire, there are no plans for Jussie to return to the show.  But it’s not all bleak for Smollett.  The network did extend his contract through next season – while also saying there are no plans for him to appear in any episodes.  Sigh, why can’t I get a job where someone pays me to stay home?

Lest you think Smollett’s troubles are behind him, a judge has subpoenaed prosecutor Kim Foxx in regard to how she handled the case – specifically, why she dropped all charges against Jussie (something we’re all wondering).  Meanwhile, the actor’s brother has revealed Jussie is having trouble sleeping due to “night terrors”.  You know what might help?  A brisk 2AM stroll to his local Subway sandwich shop!

Taking a break from all the Empire drama, creator Lee Daniels revealed some details about his gay superhero flick to CNN’s Van Jones.  “It’s true!  It’s called Superbitch.  I found him on Instagram of all places.  He does back flips and he has a cape and he does karate and, oh my God, he’s going to be a hero.  I’m not putting that much money behind it…a couple million dollars for a gay superhero movie is pretty f—king exciting.”  Jones replied, “With a name like Superbitch, you ain’t gotta promote it.”

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