Black Misses Daley’s Dive

I don’t think Dustin Lance Black is all too keen on the Brits right now.  Last week, he skipped seeing hubby Tom Daley take the gold in the Diving World Series at the London Aquatic Centre.  DLB said, “Sadly, organisers at @britishswimming have succeeded in creating a toxic environment for our family at their events so we can’t be there in person on this very special London morning.”  The organizers shot back saying that the couple’s son’s stroller was a health and safety concern.  “British Swimming is extremely disappointed that Tom’s husband felt that he couldn’t be at the London Aquatic Centre to support Tom yesterday.”  Lance shot back, “This situation had little to nothing to do with a pram.  I never asked to bring one in, and we certainly had no interest in being poolside with one.  Anyone there plainly saw that our son was on my lap.  This pram story is a lie.”

The next day, he later told the Times of London that the problem was initially about the buggy.  He was told he couldn’t bring it poolside for the reasons stated, so he took the child out of the buggy and had him either on the floor or his lap.  Officials then told him people were complaining about the buggy.  The situation escalated.  “A woman was thinking of throwing me out for causing a scene.  She accused me of swearing.  I didn’t.  They told Tom as soon as he was off the podium.”  Black was so distraught that he stayed away for the rest of the weekend.

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