Schock’s Speedo Suitor

Meanwhile on the West Coast, Aaron Schock continues to make headlines – which is impressive since he isn’t even in office.  The disgraced former Congressman is rumored to have moved to the West Hollywood area and repeatedly pops up in places one wouldn’t typically expect someone so vehemently “not gay”.  Like, for instance, the pool at the swanky Standard Hotel…which, I hasten to add, is a hot spot for gays and straights alike.  The photos snapped showed Schock in the company of a hot Speedo-wearing sidekick who was reportedly on Scruff at the time (for those who don’t know, Scruff is a “dating app” for people looking for a quick date).  He was also photographed chatting up other hot guys, as you’ll see on  It should be noted that Aaron and all these other men are equally hot and would certainly have much in common – were Schock gay, of course.

I’m sure Aaron is happy that the official trailer from the upcoming Downton Abbey flick just dropped – as the kids say.  You’ll remember, Schock went to great lengths to give his former congressional office the Downton touch.  How it was paid for, alas, is one of the reasons he resigned.

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