Paula Abdul Rocks LA Pride

LA Pride kicked off with a spectacular free concert on the fairgrounds headlined by Paula Abdul.  Anyone who thought this would be some quick hit-and-run appearance doesn’t know Paula.  She was onstage for well over an hour.  She performed every hit, she told stories, she brought folks onstage to dance, she had amazing videos and dynamic dancers who tossed her around as if she were a rag doll.  The only thing she didn’t do was sing – which is ironic because at certain times, she had TWO microphones!  She’d struggle to be heard speaking, but when a song started, suddenly the vocals were crystal clear.  Ultimately it didn’t really matter.  Like Britney, who goes to hear Paula sing?  She put on a great show, as you can see from clips on  BTW, this was a good chance for Abdul to try out the act in advance of her Vegas residency.  She’ll be going into the Flamingo on August 13th.  I have two tips for Paula – get a coach to work on the monologues about your life and perhaps sing a little.

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