4th of July in Ptown

Meanwhile in MY Ptown, I was busy with the sun, sand, surf, and studs in skivvies.  Call me old-fashioned, but over July 4th, I consider myself a patriot – as much of a patriot as those brave soldiers who stormed the airports and took to flight during the War of Independence.  Someone I’d never war with is the gorgeous Gavin Creel, who was at the Ptown Art House courtesy of Seth Rudetsky.  The show was a delight – you can always tell when Seth has a personal relationship with his guest.  This was effortless – like Gavin’s mellifluous range.  Seth has a cavalcade of guests stopping by all summer long, so check out PTownArtHouse.com for the latest schedule. 

Then there’s Varla Jean Merman, who never disappoints…even when she’s bored.  Yes, this year’s show is called A Star is Bored and, trust me, you’ll be anything but.  The songs, the costumes, the video, the cheese – it’s all there.  Varla even pays homage to those who came before her – so it’s almost educational.  Catch it before it turns up on your local PBS station during Pledge Week!  Get your tix early at PTownArtHouse.com because she’s got a limited schedule and is selling out each and every show.

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