Matt Barr Bare

Our Ask Billy question concerns a summer replacement.  Jed in San Francisco writes, “The star of Blood & Treasure is really hot.  Where did he come from?  Do you have any photos of him naked?”

That would be Matt Barr, who I think of as a good-looking Bradley Cooper.  If that interests you, read on Macduff.  The young Mr. Barr was born a day after moi (well, a day and a couple of decades).  And like me, he’s blond-ish.  He’s scruffier and buffer and certainly not opposed to showing off his impressive physique.  Perhaps you’ve seen him in Hellcats or Harper’s Island – which don’t ring any bells with me.  He also had a brief role in The House Bunny.  Nothing?  Well, they say a photo is worth a thousand words.  Since we’re well over that limit, we’ll simply post some photos of Matt Bare…eh, Barr.  Well, both.  You see, he showed quite a bit in the film Ten Inch Hero – let’s just say the title pretty much says it all.   If that whets your appetite, check out


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