Burgess vs. Andy Cohen

Tituss Burgess has been flying high on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and is currently promoting his new CD, Saint Tituss.  But everyone is talking about his feud with Andy Cohen.  Tituss was on What Watch Happens Live and Cohen asked a viewer question about the film Burgess just made with Eddie Murphy.  Tituss was effusive in his praise for Murphy.  Then Andy asked, “Did you get to chat with him at all?”  Tituss said, “Of course I did.  Why wouldn’t I?”  Cohen added, “I just wondered if you got close at all because he was very problematic for the gays at one point when I was coming up.”  “Oh, I see.  He wasn’t problematic for Tituss….he was great and any troubles he may have had with gay people I guess are gone because he loved me.”  Fellow panelist Laverne Cox (wearing blue eye shadow) interjected, “It was a long time ago – people evolve.”  Meanwhile, Tituss batted his eyelashes while mouthing and gesturing something to the audience. “What was that?” Andy asked.  “Keep going, girl – do your show,” said Tituss.  We’re told that when the live telecast was over, Tituss quickly left the set and refused to sign the guest book, saying, “He knows I was here”.  Cohen was later asked if Tituss would be invited back.  “He’s been on four times.  He can do whatever he wants.  I just don’t want to offend him.”h

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