Escape From Casablanca

Should you ever have the opportunity to visit Casablanca – don’t.  Although the people were lovely (and God knows the local gays are hungry for tourists), nobody mentioned that I was arriving on Eid al-Adha.  I’m not exactly sure what this holiday is all about, but to celebrate they drag sheep and goats into the street, kill them, and cook them on bonfires while children play with the horns.  So it’s kinda like our Groundhog Day!  Between the thick black smoke and trying to avoid the torrents of blood pouring down the streets, I could barely make out the man pulling a cart to collect the bloodstained pelts.  It was all quite nauseating.  When I saw one lone sheep tied to a post on the outskirts of town, I considered setting it free.  Then I realized both of us would be caught and killed within minutes…and I ain’t giving up my pelt to anyone.  Sorry, sheep, but it’s survival of the fittest.

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