Faye’s Little Gays

This leads into yet another Fayewatch which, of course, is connected with Dunaway’s disastrous Boston run of the play Tea at Five.  This story isn’t about Faye being fired; it’s about Faye firing her assistant.  According to documents filed in Manhattan Supreme CourtMichael Rocha began working as Faye’s personal assistant on April 5th and was paid $1500/week.  He would do her shopping, remind her to take her meds, plan her schedule, and get her to places on time – so now we know who to blame.  He claims that Faye called him “a little homosexual boy” and referred to people around her as “little gay people”.  We don’t have to take his word for it – the little one recorded Faye making the offensive comments.  He went to the general manager and production’s lawyer.  In short order he was fired, being told that Faye “is not comfortable with you anymore”.  He is suing for unspecified damages.  Faye Dunaway – the gift that keeps on giving.

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