Lesbians in Paradise

Elsewhere on ABC, we got the heavily promoted Bachelor lesbian relationship.  For those of you who don’t watch Bachelor in Paradise, alums from the franchise are thrown together on a secluded resort, ostensibly in hopes of finding romance.  If they are unsuccessful in making a connection, they’re booted off – after creating havoc.  This year, we have Demi – a cast-off from Colton’s season who claims to have recently experimented with lesbianism.  Although she made a connection with mega-hot Derek on the show, she also harbored feelings for her hometown lady-love.  She voiced these concerns to Chris Harrison.  In the past, anyone in such a conflict would simply leave Paradise.  But suddenly, as if a gift from the gods, Demi’s lesbian lover almost immediately materialized in Paradise – in a way that I’m sure was not intended to appear planned.  The two women reunited with the most non-sexual, awkward kisses ever, went public to the rest of the cast, and everyone applauded Demi for her bravery…with the exception of Derek, who awkwardly shook hands with his female replacement.  You probably expected the ladies would leave Paradise happily ever after.  But, surprise, Chris Harrison said they could stay and explore their relationship on-camera.  Presumably, more drama will ensue.

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