Trans vs. TSA

You know the summer is over when hurricanes start hitting Florida.  As we go to press, we’re bracing to see what Dorian will do to the East Coast.  When flying out of Fort Lauderdale Airport days earlier, I read the account of a transgender woman who had gone through the same airport two years ago.  According to the 36-year-old, she required a pat-down because TSA’s full-body scanner detected an issue around her groinal area.  A female officer took her to a private room, gave her the pat-down, and seemed surprised at what she found.  “If the issue is what you are feeling, let me tell you what this is – it is my penis,” said the woman.  This apparently caused quite a stir and required two more officers and a supervisor.  They determined the trans woman would need a second pat-down by a male officer – which I would have thought made sense since a penis was detected.  But I’m wrong.  Apparently policy dictates pat-downs must be done by an officer of the same gender as that which is presented by the traveler.  So, penis or no penis, since this person presented as female, the pat-down by a female officer was correct.  When the traveler in question refused to be patted-down by a male officer, TSA refused to let her through security.  “Can I just show you?” she asked.  Although this too is against policy, nobody objected.  The penis was presented, and the lady made her flight.  While I find this story informative, I also find it insulting.  With all the flying I do, not once has anyone patted me down – and I’ve never been shy about whipping out my dick in public!

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