Brady Renovation

I dunno how many of you are watching A Very Brady Renovation, but it’s been really extraordinary what the folks at HGTV have done with the beloved Brady Bunch homestead.  In case you don’t know, while a real house in Studio City was used for the iconic exteriors, the interior bore no resemblance to the sprawling set that the sitcom shot on.  But it does now – with no small bit of assistance from all six Brady kids.  Now that the renovations are completed, what will happen to the house?  Will there be tours?  Or will it be rented out for special events?  Since it’s in a residential area, those are unlikely prospects.  But Lance Bass, who tried to buy the house prior to HGTV swooping in, got a special VIP tour.  You can check out his visit on

The primary renovators on the Brady project were the Property BrothersDrew and Jonathan Scott.  During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, they hinted at what they may tackle next.  “We’re thinking next, The Golden Girls house” (the iconic exterior is actually located in Bel Air).  Clarkson was overjoyed and said someone should do a reboot of The Golden Girls or Designing Women.  Without missing a beat, Drew said, “I will play Blanche”.  Asked and answered.

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