Robyn & Wendy Face Off

In a week of strange bedfellows, none were stranger than Wendy Williams and Robyn Crawford.  That the talk diva welcomed Whitney Houston’s “best friend” was not surprising.  Anyone who listened to Wendy back in the day knows her long relationship with Whitney (the 2003 radio interview is required listening).  That Robyn went on the show was staggering; particularly since she reiterated that Whitney wanted to meet Wendy back in 2003.  “Our plan was to go down to Hudson Street…wait for you right outside.”  When Wendy explained, “Robyn, I can’t even fight…I would’ve run”, Robyn added, “We weren’t going to fight you.  We just wanted to see you face-to-face and have a chat.”  If you’ve ever tangled with someone from Jersey, you know what kinda “chat” it would have been.

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