Can You Wu Wu Wu

You know what I’m thankful for?  That the Dallas Straight Pride Parade attracted two people!  It was actually the two guys holding the banner, which probably makes them the organizers.  In that case, NO PEOPLE showed up for the event.  On the flip side, about 20 counter-protesters showed up.  Look, I’m all for exercising free speech, but why didn’t the protesters just laugh and walk away?  Haven’t those poor straight people suffered enough?

I’m also thankful that Fresh Off the Boat has been cancelled.  Far be it from me to wish unemployment to Asian actors working in this industry.  But thank God that Constance Wu can finally become the huge star she says she’s destined to be.  Apparently the only thing holding her back was being on a hit sitcom.  Good luck, Wu.  See you at the Oscars…perhaps as a seat filler.

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