Jason Derulo’s Anaconda

Here’s a first – this week’s Ask Billy question comes from within my own organization!  My proofreader Aaron writes, “I just read about Jason Derulo’s dick being censored online.  So now I wanna see it.”

Obviously I have the photo in question, but I didn’t plan on running it.  Why?  They discussed this on The Talk.  If I live by one rule of thumb: there’s no reason to share a story that has been discussed by Marie Osmond.  But rules are made to be broken.  Jason posted a photo where he was clad only in some tight-fitting black boxer briefs – briefs which showed a sizable tubular structure across the front.  When a fan asked what was in there, Derulo said an “anaconda”.  Apparently harboring an animal in your undies is an Instagram no-no.  The social media platform said the photo was “taken down for nudity or sexual activity”.  Jason shot back, “I can’t help my size”.  When they discussed this on The Talk, someone wondered if it was discrimination.  Why can you show a large-breasted woman in a tight t-shirt but not a large-penised man in tight undies?  Food for thought.  That food was a bit much for Instagram, but it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet at BillyMasters.com.


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