Grease Reunion Sells Out

When John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John announced they were reuniting for three Grease sing-a-long events in Florida, the events sold out immediately.  It didn’t hurt that the duo was joined by three of their co-stars – Barry Pearl, Kelly Ward, and Michael Tucci – collectively known as the T-Birds (Didi Conn’s invitation must have gotten lost in the mail).  Travolta thought it would be fun if his fellow T-Birds dyed their hair.  This made me wonder, what would Travolta do?  I am delighted to report that he donned one of the best wigs of his life.  Actually, it was on the minimalist side, so perhaps it was a wiglet.  He and Livvy turned up in their end-of-film attire for the Q&A, and even sang some of the songs.  You can see photos and even videos at

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