Spacey and Schock

Keep your hands to yourself.  You’d think I wouldn’t have to tell you not to put your hands down the pants of an underage busboy, but you’re not Kevin Spacey.  This story had everything – a closeted actor, an underage twink, liquor, text messages, a selfie, and a girlfriend.  It even had a mother who had once been a semi-respected newswoman in Boston, deleting items off her spawn’s cell phone that might paint him in a less than positive light.  Once the term “tampering with evidence” was explained to her, the phone mysteriously couldn’t be found.  And I believe solely because of this, Spacey got off of trying to get a busboy off.

As it turns out, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.  I kinda assumed I’d never talk about the disgraced Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock again.  But that was before he started showing up at gay circuit parties with his hands down his dance partner’s shorts (at least he was of age).  That was just the beginning.  He was next seen cavorting with the buff boys at Coachella.  Then people started coming forward recounting numerous online hookups with statements like, “While he said he was primarily a top, he would bottom.”  Kinda like a vegetarian who occasionally likes a big hunk of meat – literally.  And before you know it, someone sent us over 20 photos of Aaron from every possible angle, in various forms of arousal, and some possibly taken with that camera they use for colonoscopies.  Add in the videos and, well, you had the most popular images of 2019 on

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