I’ve waited long enough.  Clearly, I – who has something to say about everything – have something to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  As you know, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced plans to step away from their roles as senior royals, will split their time between the UK and North America, and will (eventually) be self-sufficient.  In other words, they no longer want the responsibility and scrutiny that come with being a royal.  We’re told that they made this announcement WITHOUT discussing it with either Harry’s father (Prince Charles) or grandmother (Queen Elizabeth II).  And that was just their first mistake.  One of Meghan’s fiercest critics, Piers Morgan (who was once a close friend), made the following statement: “People say I’m too critical of Meghan Markle.  But she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry from William & has now split him from the Royal Family.  I rest my case.”  On the surface, he surely has a point.

But was this completely out of the blue?  After all, we know the transition has not been an effortless one for Meghan – her troubles have been well-documented.  The couple spent Christmas in Canada with her friends (Suits was shot in Toronto, so Meghan has ties there).  Lots of headlines in England state things such as, “Black Britons know why Meghan wants to leave” – presuming the difficulties are ethnic in origin.  I, personally, wouldn’t be surprised if the American angle wasn’t at least a partial factor.  And then we hear that Meghan has already signed a deal with Disney for “an unspecified project in return for a donation to an elephant charity”.  The charity in question is Elephants Without Borders – which I presume is like Doctors Without Borders, but without scalpels.  Why is she doing this Disney project?  What we do know is that some higher-ups at Disney gave her an original Winnie the Pooh watercolor when Archie was born.  Just out of curiosity, what did the queen give her?

Of course, this affects lots of other things connected to the royals.  Hours after Harry and Meghan’s announcement, the couple was taken out of Madame Tussauds’ display of the royal family.  Since the display is of senior members of the royal family – a group Meg and Harry no longer wish to be a part of – they were moved to somewhere more suitable in the facility.  The move was addressed on Tussauds’ official Twitter page: “We’ve got to respect their wishes,” followed by a shrug emoji and the hashtag #Megxit.  On a grander scale, there are the rumors that QEII will step back from her royal duties when she turns 95 in a year and a half.  She would still be Queen, but she may adopt a Regency for Charles to all but rule in her name.  So, big changes are coming to the House of Windsor.


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