Risque Reality

I am usually unflappable.  In fact, I would defy you to look at me and find a flap.  But last week, comments on two reality shows took me aback…and afront.  First was Tyler on Project Runway.  After ending up with one of the least successful designs, he quipped, “I usually like being on the bottom.”  Then he proclaimed himself to be the show’s “most popular bottom” – and he had the nerve to say it right to Christian Siriano’s face!  But Project Runway is on basic cable, so while all this talk of sexual position seemed slightly risqué, I wasn’t shocked (I also wasn’t shocked when Tyler was eliminated).  Then came the season premiere of The Bachelor.  I’ve gotten used to all of the awkward chit-chat when the Bachelor meets his prospective concubines…err, candidates.  But Victoria F. stood out when she proclaimed, “I have a very dry sense of humor…but that’s the only thing dry about me!”  And on network television!  Come on, ABC – couldn’t you do something slightly more subtle?  Like have the camera pan to the puddle forming by her ankles?

One doesn’t criticize The Bachelor lightly – it is one of ABC’s top-rated shows.  In addition to The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, we also have The Bachelor Musical coming this spring.  Starting on April 13th, The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart will allegedly feature “20 single men and women who search for love through music, singing well-known songs, both individually and as couples.  They will meet and explore their relationships while living together and going on Bachelor-style dates that focus on music.”   After the contestants have been coupled-up, they will face musical challenges in live performances judged by stars in the music business.  This all sounds positively horrific – but the kinda horrific that might be fun to watch.


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