Save the Bush

Elsewhere in the Commonwealth, the devastating fires continue to ravage Australia.  As I always say, one of the good things that come out of tragedy is you see the people who rise to the occasion.  And one group that has no problem rising is gay porn stars.  Rocco Steele will send nude photos to anyone who contributes at least $10 to any of the charities helping the victims and firefighters.  Of course, this wasn’t an original idea – female porn star Kaylen Ward did the same thing and has already raised over $1 million.  So, support Rocco…and the bush!

Speaking of bushes, you may bump into Andrew Scott’s if you’re looking for love online.  According to the Daily Mail, the sexy priest from Fleabag has been spotted on Grindr.  Your beloved Billy shrugs his shoulders and says, “So?”  Like, is that news?  A single gay guy is on a cruising app?  There must be more to the story, right?  Wrong – that’s actually the entire story.  In fact, the reporter goes to great pains to say that Scott doesn’t show off his naughty bits on the app.  “I have a copy of the picture and while Andrew is not naked, it is a little too racy to use here.”  You know what I call a non-nude photo that cannot be published?  A mirage!


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