TV to Bway and Back

The combination of musicals and TV shows also pertains to our next story.  Fran Drescher has announced that she and Rachel Bloom are working together to bring The Nanny to Broadway.  The combination is intriguing, and reminded me of something Patti LuPone said about Bloom a few years ago.  “I’m crazy for Rachel Bloom.  I’m crazy for her.  I think that is one smart show.  Of all the musical comedies on television or on the big screen, Rachel knows how to do it.”  But can she do it backwards and bring a TV show to the Broadway stage?  We shall see…  It should be noted that Fran has not announced plans for her or any of the original sitcom cast to join this project.  It will be its own entity, but will retain her unique “voice”.

ABC just announced that their next live musical broadcast will be Mel BrooksYoung Frankenstein.  While the show’s Broadway run paled in comparison to The Producers, it is a recognizable property which could do well if presented well.  Although we have no details, we hear that Mel is pushing for casting many of the roles with the stars from the original Broadway production.  First on that list must be Andrea Martin, who earned a Tony nomination (and stole the show) as Frau Blucher.  Sutton Foster and Megan Mullally both have strong TV credits, so I’d think they should be a given.  This could turn out to be fun…if it’s done properly.

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