Inside Matt Gutman

Every once in a while, someone asks me if Matt Gutman is gay.  Can’t blame them – he’s the hottest reporter this side of Chris Cuomo’s wet T-shirt during a hurricane.  Unfortunately, Matt is married with children.   However, he recently made news – or, rather, he made fake news.  He mistakenly announced on live TV that Kobe Bryant was killed with all four of his children.  Ouch!  Although he later corrected the error, the damage was done.  ABC suspended him for an undisclosed period of time.  To help you over the hump, we’ve found some hot photos of Matt – the most interesting featuring him between fellow reporters David Muir and Gio Benitez.  Then there’s one where he shows off his vacation beard.  I know my readers will enjoy the footage of Matt showing off his tight Gutman.  ‘Cause that’s what we do at

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