Liza and the Chair

I’m assuming most of you don’t read Variety religiously.  So it follows that most of you didn’t see the photo of Liza Minnelli on the cover of the magazine’s Oscars issue.  If you did, you would have seen a youthful-appearing Minnelli, clutching an Oscar to her bosom, perched high upon a director’s chair, with one leg precariously swinging over the arm.  This is in sharp contrast to the Liza who is usually captured by the paparazzi having enormous difficulty walking, and who approaches stairs as if she’s being asked to negotiate a medieval gauntlet.  Which begs the question – how many people did it take to get Liza into this unusual position?  And is she still stuck in the chair?  The interview really seems secondary, but it did provide one illuminating moment.  Given her protection of her mother’s image, and the fact that Renée Zellweger was nominated for (and ultimately won) an Oscar for playing her, the topic had to come up.  Minnelli admits to not seeing (and having no interest in seeing) the flick, but graciously added, “I hope she had a good time making it.”  Now could someone please help me out of this chair??!!

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