Pamela and Peters

If they go the swimsuit route, the Academy might wanna enlist the aid of Pamela Anderson.  The former Baywatch babe is back in the headlines because of Jon Peters.  You’ll recall Peters came to notoriety in Hollywood courtesy of Barbra Streisand – because Babs and Pam have so much in common!  I had no clue Jon and Pam even knew each other, let alone got married!  Apparently they didn’t know each other that well – the marriage lasted all of 12 days (thus beating the record of shortest marriage held by Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine, for my older fans).  According to Peters, Pamela is in hock up to her areolas, and he believes she married him to help pay off $200K of debt.  Correct me if I’m wrong – can’t Pamela make that in an hour with some Arab sheik?  I can’t believe that the only way Pam can earn money is by marrying someone.  Where’s Hef when you need him?

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