Cuomo in Charge

Leaders are not exempt from the coronavirus.  West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico has tested positive.  So has Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.  Even my buddy Prince Albert of Monaco has it.  So, it didn’t surprise me that England ain’t taking any chances when it comes to that old woman.  Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have taken social distancing to an extreme and travelled to be sequestered at Windsor Castle…separately: Lizzie drove, Phil took a helicopter.  Rumors rapidly rose that the 98-year-old Phil died in his sleep (which, let’s face it, is plausible).  We’re told that not only are Liz and Phil fine, all other senior members of the royal family are self-quarantined at their respective homes.  And, ‘cause I know you’re interested, Harry and Meghan are fine, too.  

I love that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is having prisoners make hand sanitizer.  NYS Clean is said to have a “floral bouquet” and costs only $6/gallon to make.  They are currently making 100K gallons a week, and are scaling up production.  Next stop for Cuomo – Shark Tank!  We heard he enlisted the aid of designer Christian Siriano to make surgical masks for medical workers.  Sure, they’re more expensive, but they go with everything.  Drag queens are also making some.  This is smart outside-the-box thinking.  Many are looking to Cuomo for guidance and comfort.  Some are even suggesting he could jump into the presidential race.  At least he’s under 70!


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