Dr. Deborah Birx

Since this crisis began, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time watching “the bitch in scarves” – and you all know who I mean.  She’s that chick who looks like Michael Learned wearing a different scarf at each of Trump’s press conferences.  Occasionally she adds a broach.  So, I decided to find out who she is.  Her name is Dr. Deborah Birx, and several outlets claim that her maternal fashion choices are comforting us.  I dunno about you, but Big Mama Masters rarely rocked a scarf – and never a broach!  Digging into her background more, The Guardian of London says, “She’s a legend in the fight against HIV.  Now Dr. Deborah Birx is taking on Covid-19”.  Turns out Dr. Birx was an army physician in the ‘80s when people started dying of what would eventually be called HIV.  After losing a growing number of patients, she dedicated herself to stopping the virus.  President Obama named her US Global AIDS Coordinator.  She is currently the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.  I dunno about you, but that actually does give me comfort – a helluva lot more than those damn scarves.  When they make the inevitable movie about these harrowing days, I am sure Meryl Streep will play Dr. Birx.  Perhaps Dr. Fauci could be played by Peter Dinklage.


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