Tori Needs Cash

Some people in lockdown are coming up with ingenious ways to pass the time.  Take Tori Spelling.  The former starlet has offered fans a chance to join a live video conference with her.  Isn’t that nice?  Ah, but there’s a catch – the virtual meet-and-greet comes with a $95 price tag.  I’m torn – on one hand, who the hell does Tori Spelling think she is?  CherCeline DionDonny and Marie?  On the other hand, if people are willing to pay it, what does it matter to me?  Sure, Billy Masters LIVE is free…but not everyone is as, shall we say, accommodating to their fans (especially the black, married fans).  On the positive side, Tori’s meetings are on Wednesdays at 4PM EST – so she’s not conflicting with me, should we happen to share any fans.  Spelling’s hubby, Dean McDermott, came to her defense.  “All the studios, everything is shut down.  She has no way to work like everybody else.  She has no job to go to.”  That’s all true.  But, really, you can’t blame Tori’s career on the coronavirus..

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