Aaron Schock Goes South

Here’s what I get out of all the Aaron Schock criticism – you’re all jealous of his looks, his body, and the people he sleeps with.  I have a hunch if I asked any of you to get specific about your gripes with his politics, it would be a mighty short list.  Yes, he’s quarantining in a fancy-schmanzy Mexican resort with a group of hot gay boys.  And, yes, it does kinda look like he’s on the set of a Bel Ami flick with six guys all named Vaclav! And, yes, one of those hot gays with single-digit body fat is paying all the bills.  Jealous?  I think I can answer that – yes.  Do any of us really care if he’s quarantining or not?  No.  Do we care if he’s wearing a medical-grade mask or the mask from Eyes Wide Shut?  No.  I am, however, perfectly content to drift off to sleep picturing Schock as a human Lazy Susan.  So let go of the jealousy.  And if you’d like to see every inch of that Lazy Susan (especially when it’s aroused), check out BillyMasters.com.  You’re welcome.

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