Reality Star Pitches In

Our Ask Billy question comes from Kurt in Phoenix.  “Is Dan Renzi [from The Real World Miami] now a nurse?  There was someone who kinda looked like him on with Rachel Maddow last week.”

Yup, that was him.  Since his time on MTV back in 1996, Dan has gone through a plethora of professions, until he stumbled upon what he really wanted to do – help people.  He’s been a nurse for almost a decade and has most recently been living in Kansas.  However, the moment NYC became ground zero and the need for healthcare workers became dire, he immediately uprooted himself and went to pitch in.  Some of the experiences he related to Maddow were sobering.  “If you told me that not too many years after I graduated that I would be living in a hotel in New York while I was putting bodies in body bags because this mysterious virus was mowing down everybody’s grandparents…how do you process that?”  Again, the new normal.

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