Don’t Do This At Home

Last week was a big week for haircuts.  First, Colton Haynes took to the web, saying “Here’s my attempt at making a YouTube video…pls don’t try this at home kids haha.”  Clippers in hand, he said, “We’re gonna do a haircut today.  I’m not a professional hair stylist, so don’t call this a tutorial at all.  Don’t do this at home, kids.”  He might consider shaking up his catchphrase.  As to his skill, I don’t anticipate a career at Supercuts.  But you can see the clip here – and, again, remind you not to try this at home, kids.

There must have been something in the water, because Anderson Cooper also attempted a self-cut.  As with Colton, Coop was not particularly successful, as he explained to Sanjay Gupta.  “I’m hoping you make a tutorial about how to give yourself a haircut, because last night I took a razor and buzzed my head and I gave myself a giant bald spot over here, which I find very…I missed.” We’ll post that, too.  You can see it here.

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