Matt Goss Goes Nude

Our Ask Billy question comes from Chris in Pennsylvania: “Who is Matt Goss?  I think I read about him in your column.  Did you see the photos of him wearing a cock sock?  He looks enormous.”

Matt was a member of the UK pop group Bros, and has since been a solo artist, with a residency in Las Vegas (and, yes, we know each other).  He’s also mighty hot and obviously a fitness fanatic.  As to the cock sock, here’s what happened.  Matt was a guest on the UK chat show, Celebrity Juice.  During a game, he was dared to play the guitar naked.  He retreated to his room, and returned brandishing a guitar which covered his genitals.  Fellow panelist Mel B. insisted on proof that Matt was nude.  At that point, Goss lifted his guitar to show his rod and staff snugly ensconced in a rather thick tube sock.  You can see all on


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