Black Lives Matter to Mitt

Then there’s Mitt Romney.  Being a native Bostonian, I have a long history with Mr. Romney.  While I have not agreed with him on many issues, he strikes me as someone who does what he believes is right – even if it may not be what’s right for him.  And he certainly doesn’t pander.  In the recent past, Romney has done more good than most politicians – starting with breaking party lines to impeach El Presidente.  And last week, he marched with Black Lives Matter.  Sure, there’s no way to know if he’s being sincere, but at least he’s doing the right thing.  So just for that, I say bravo, Mitt.  If Joe Biden really wants to make a statement about unity, why not reach across the aisle and ask Romney to be his VP?  Yes, I know he promised to choose a woman.  If Mitt really wants to heal our nation, he could get a teensy little procedure.

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